COVID-19 Plan:

Seating at 2/3 capacity with physical barriers in place. Largest table is 6.
Will be taking each customer's temperature before they enter or as they are standing at our sanitize station right inside the front door.
Tables 6-8ft apart or be separated with physical barriers
Arrows on floor showing direction to be followed.
Sanitization station right inside the front door.
Single use paper menu is at the door if needed/ using a printed menu and sanitizing each menu each time after use.
Minimum staff on shift at a time.
Plastic barrier put up on ½ wall to separate tables.
Pay at table, limit cash payments. Debit machines wrapped in plastic sanitize after each use.
Customers wait outside for the available table, in a taped off designated area.
No hand to hand contact with customers or other staff members.
Staggered take-out order time slots.
FOH Cleaning and Hygiene:
Clarify a new cleaning regiment with all staff.
Frequent handwashing, signage near all hand wash stations.
Cleaning tables and chairs thoroughly between each and every customer.
Bathrooms fully sanitized every hour.
Thorough end of day clean of all surfaces.
Clean/clear one table at a time.
Clean all high-touch points thoroughly through-out the day (walls, counters, doors and handles)
Assign and track who is cleaning what and when.
FOH Table Service:
Tables empty (single use condiment packages at request)
Pre-pour water at the bar, new cup for refills. Water jugs by request, sanitize and clean after each use.
No reaching (delivering and clearing will be done at the end of the table)
Coffee refills will be at the end of the table without picking the mug up.
Take customers info and date (just in case we have to notify them of any cases)
Bring an empty box to the table for left-overs.
Have an opening at every table to ensure servers distance.
Fully stock FOH at the beginning of the day to avoid traffic into the kitchen area.
Servers must wear masks or anything cover their lower faces.

BOH Cleaning and Hygiene:
Clarify a new cleaning regiment with all staff.
Extra surface cleaning (frequently sanitize high touch areas)
Increased washing and sanitizing utensils and shared spaces.
Increased handwashing, signage near all hand wash stations.
Eliminate sharing of space and tools.

Physical Distancing:
Deliveries will only be brought inside the back door, for staff to unpack. No contact between staff and drivers.
Each staff member will have their own personal workstation, to practice physical distancing.
Limit the number of staff in the kitchen.
Placed directional arrows on the floor to make sure staff are keeping their distance.
No movement between kitchen and dining area.
If not possible to maintain distance, PPE will be worn.