#4-4286 Departure Bay Rd

(Norwell Plaza)



We Serve BreakfastAll Day!!!



All Omletes (served with hashbowns and toast)

Healthy Choice Egg White Vegie Omelette    $12.50

Cheese Omelet    $10.50

Vegetarian Omelet     $13.25

Denver Omelet   $14.25

Meat Lovers Omelette    $15.25

Served with sausage, ham, bacon, cheese

Spanish Omelet     $14.25

Build Your Own    $10.50

Start with a Cheddar Cheese Omelet

add veggies for $1.50

or sausage, bacon or ham for $3.10 each



Single  $5.25

Short Stack   $10.25

1 Waffle    $6.75

w/ Wipped Cream and Strawberries     $7.50

2 Bacon or 2 Sausages and Hasbrowns     Add $2.75

Pancake Combo   $14.50

Two pancakes topped with a fried egg with

 bacon, ham or sausage and hashbrowns

Thick French Toast    $9.95

French Toast Combo   $14.50

French Toast topped with a fried egg and served with

bacon, ham or sausage and hashbrowns.

Side of whipped cream and strawberries    $3.50



The Mini    $7.95

2 Eggs any style, served with either 2 bacon or 3 ham

or 3 sausages our homestyle hashbrowns and 1 toast

The Big Breakfast    $10.95

2 Eggs any style served with either 4 bacon or 5 ham

or 5 sausages homestyle hashbrowns and 2 pieces of toast

2 Eggs (Any Style)    $6.65

Home-style hashbrowns and toast

Eggs Benedict   $14.95

Real homemade hollandaise sauce

served with hashbrowns

Egger Muffin   $7.95

Cheese and your choice of bacon

or ham and hashbrowns


EGG SNDWICHES (served with hashbrowns)


Fried Egg Sandwich   $5.95

Bacon and Egg Sandwich $9.50

Bacon, Egg, Tomato & Cheese Sandwich   $11.50

Ham and Egg Sandwich   $9.50

Ham Egg Tomato Cheese Sandwich   $11.50

 * add an egg   $1.75    *add cheese   $2.50


Breakfast Bowl     $12.95

Scrambled eggs and hashbrowns with tomatoes,

green onions and cheese, topped with hollandaise

add 2 bacon or 2 sausage or 2 ham for $2.75



4 Ham     $4.20

3 Sausage Links     $4.20

4 Bacon     $4.50

Hash browns     $4.50

Toast (White, Brown, Rye, Sourdough)     $2.75

Muffin     $2.40

Raisin Toast     $2.95

2 Gluten Free Toast     $3.20